Fleshlight Pocket Pussy Toys

Fleshlight Inner Sleeves

Fleshlights are the most famous pocket pussy toys in the world.  Do they justify the hype, and are they the best pocket pussy toys that you can buy?

First of all, Fleshlights are pretty big, too big to fit into the biggest pocket.  But apart from perhaps Tenga Eggs, there aren’t any such fake pussies that will fit comfortably in your pocket.

So by ‘Pocket Pussy’ what is really meant is that the toy is portable enough to carry around with you.  On this score, the Fleshlight certainly is portable.  Each Fleshlight comes in a torch like case, which aids both portablility and discreetness.  The inner sleeves, however, which come in a huge variety of textures and designs, can be bought seperately.  Once you’ve bought one Fleshlight, you’re probably love it so much you’re likely to want to buy more.  So to save money, buying the inner sleeves seperately will save you money, but the torches do come in handy as cases.  Your Fleshlights are likely to last longer if you keep them protected in their cases when not in use.

There are actually three different selectable parts to each Fleshlight – the case, the orifice, and the inner texture.  As mentioned above, each part comes in a number of different forms.  You can actually build your own Fleshlight at their official website, by choosing which variety of each part you want.

New Fleshlights and new Fleshlight cases, textures, and orifices are added virtually every week.  Choosing the right Fleshlight for you can be difficult, so there is also a very useful Fleshlight Buyers Guide on their homepage.

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Riley Steele Pocket Vagina

riley-steel-vaginaRiley Steele Vagina ($69)

Beautiful blonde pornstar Riley Steele has donated her perfect vagina to services to mankind – now your can own an exact replica of a hole that millions of men dream about!  Fuck her as hard as you want, her sweet snatch can take everything you have got!  You will so enjoy shooting your sperm deep inside her adorable pussy!

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Doc Johnson UR3 Jessie Andrews Realistic Vagina

ur3-jessie-andrewsUR3 Realistic Vagina ($22)

A realistic pocket pussy from Doc Johnson that has been expertly moulded from the delectable vagina of porn actress Jessie Andrews.  Slide your penis into her sweet pornstar pussy and pump away hard until climax.  Made from soft UR3 realistic skin material and with a highly textured and stimulating inner pussy canal for you to dump your cum inside!

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Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy

sasha-grey-pussySasha Grey Pussy ($13)

A cheap but high quality pocket pussy from Doc Johnson, moulded from the sweet lips and hole of one of the most popular pornstars ever.

Slide your cock into her realistic pink lips and be stimulaed by a nicely ribbed inner sleeve.  The toy is made from life-like artificial skin.

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Pipedream Beefy Snatch

pipedream-beefyPipedream Beefy Snatch ($15)

A tasty beefy snatch that we all dream of devouring with our cocks!  This snatch was made for repeated pounding – stretch this rugged love hole as much as you can with your penis, it will always be ready for more!!

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Tenga Egg

twisterTenga Egg Twister ($7)

Tenga eggs are one time use luxury mini masturbators that feel even better than a real pussy.  Filled with delicious and intricate spirals, nodules, ridges, and bumps, each Tenga Egg is unique and a once in a lifetime experience.

With good hygenic use, you should be able to get more than a couple of goes out of each egg.

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PDX Pocket Pussy Toys

fill her upPDX ‘Fill Her Up’ Pocket Pussy ($15)

The ‘Fill Her Up’ is one of a range of exceptionally realistic pocket pussy toys for men that have been launched lately.  Composed of super soft, realistic FantaFlesh materials, the PDX pussy toys are some of the most convincing pocket vaginas you can buy, with each inner masturbation sleeve including a sophisticated array of ribs and/or nodules to heighten your pleasure.  The Fill Her Up has numberous little love nodules that result in an equisate ‘better than the real thing’ sensation when thrusting in and out of this toy.  At only $15, the PDX range is a remarkably good value for money pocket pussy toy.

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Meggan Mallone Pocket Pussy Pal

Megan Mallone Pocket PalMeggan Mallone Pocket Pal ($25.94)

Meggan Mallone is one of the tightest and youngest starlets in porn today.  Now you can enjoy not only watching her pussy getting fucked on screen, you can fuck a replica of her sweet love hole yourself!

Made from Doc Johnson’s incredible UR3 ultra realistic skin like material.  Amazingly life-like pussy lips, the Meggan Mallone is a bargain realistic pocket pussy toy

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Tenga Double Hole Sleeve

Tenga Double Hole SleeveTenga Double Hole Sleeve ($16)

Another unique Japanese pocket masturbator from Tenga.  This masturbation sleeve has two differently ribbed ends – a ‘sweet’ end and a ‘bitter’ end – making for a fantastic variety of sensations to enjoy in the same masturbation session.

The Double Hole Sleeve is also pre-lubricated, meaning you can jump right in to the fun.

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